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Kwiatek Jeans

Kwiatek Jeans , the new Polish made-to-measure brand! Normally, when you hear about made-to-measure things, you think about

Thecadess and ASUS: the event

Do you remember when few month ago, I’ve shown you the backstage of the foto shooting

The 50’s at the Palais Galliera

From the 12th of July until the 2nd of

Close ups

The deep and touching new movie of the famous

September Wishlist #1 NYFW

Let’s start the season of the Fahion Weeks ss15!

Be fit in 27 minutes

I found the solution for all of you who’d

The new fashion decade: Thecadess

Imagine two guys in love… with fashion, who decided

August Wishlist #1

I’d rather call this post My Anti-Wishlist  Here are

Quotes #9 Robin Williams

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Pics of Barcelona #2

Here is the second part of my pics from