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Be fit in 27 minutes

I found the solution for all of you who’d like to be fit, but are lazy

The new fashion decade: Thecadess

Imagine two guys in love… with fashion, who decided to create their own luxury brand… Welcome

August Wishlist #1

I’d rather call this post My Anti-Wishlist ;) Here are

Quotes #9 Robin Williams

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Pics of Barcelona #2

Here is the second part of my pics from

Pics of Barcelona #1

Barcelona  is definitely the city of art. I loved

Romy Schneider – the icon

She was not only a brilliant actress, but also

July Wishlist #3 Louboutin

Because we are girls… And because there are always

Quotes #8 Nelson Mandela

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Barcelona – Park Güell

“One of the most beautiful icon in the city”